Zero-G Racetrack Enters the Market with an
Aggressive Take on a Huge Lady Gaga Hit

Dateline: Belfast: 14th October 2021

Zero-G Racetrack, one of the new wave of innovative bands coming out of Silicon Valley, presents their debut single, a cover of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Bad Romance” with a genre-blending approach to reflect the new reality of relationships in the COVID era. After recently signing to the Northern Ireland based label Royale Music, Z-GR!’s “Bad Romance” is available on all digital platforms as of this Friday 15 October 2021. The band already has an album under wraps and will be releasing a steady stream of singles through the label over the next several months.

“The label is really excited about Zero-G Racetrack,” says Royale Music MD Steve Morgan. “The power of Lady Gaga’s song combined with a unique and modern take on such an iconic track makes for a very exciting package. The moment everyone heard the first mix, the label wanted to sign Z-GR! and everyone is glad to be a part of the team. The release schedule takes the band well into next year after their first original track “Enjoy Today” releases in late November.”

Zero-G Racetrack! Cover Art for Bad RomanceZero-G Racetrack’s song list fuses a variety of modern styles together, and their approach to Pop / Rock is a unique genre-blend of musical styles with cutting edge electronic music production. Formed by Producer Bill Williams and vocalist Scot Apathy, Z-GR! set out to take the best ideas from multiple genres and bring them together into a sound that is both familiar and modern.

“The band is really excited about ‘Bad Romance’,” states Producer Bill Williams. “This is a rock version of a pop song that maintains the Lady Gaga DNA, and is a take on the classic that will be exciting for both fans of the original version as well as new listeners. It’s a familiar song with an updated vibe that reflects current attitudes surrounding romance and relationships.”

COVID has drastically changed the notion of what romance is,” adds vocalist Scot Apathy. “It’s moved from the traditional breakup over poor behavior to cabin fever, fear of physical contact and loneliness. People are struggling within extended relationships, the divorce rate is up, and trying to start a meaningful relationship while wearing a mask is challenging. Even Oprah Winfrey distanced herself from her partner for a year. The aggressive lean on our track reflects the change in attitude toward romance brought on by COVID’s cultural impact.”

Bill Williams, an established Bay Area Music Producer, has produced Billboard Dance Chart Top 20 songs for Amoray, and while partnering with various well known DJ’s, remixed a number of mega stars including Gloria Estefan, Backstreet Boys, and Depeche Mode. Bill has also produced over 100 singles for legendary DJ Producer Remixer Julius Papp and is currently producing new releases for former Maverick / Warner Brothers NuMetal band Insolence. “After releasing a lot of work for well-known artists, it’s time to do it for Zero-G Racetrack. The best part is having complete control over how everything sounds. This track sounds exactly the way it should sound.”

Scot Apathy, a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and CEO whose team launched william’s ‘YesWeCan’ video for the first Obama campaign and subsequently built his Dipdive social media platform on which the Black Eyed’ Peas and Universal Music launched multiple songs and artists, has taken the COVID break to focus on Zero-G Racetrack’s launch. “After being involved in projects for Universal Music, CBS Radio and Relativity Media, this band has on the back burner for far too long. It’s time for Z-GR! to get in the game.”

Listen to “Bad Romance” here:

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